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      Showing posts with label wild colors. Show all posts

      Saturday, June 20, 2009

      Is it too much?

      My favorite and bestest client has an interesting set of terraces. The north terrace can have only white flowers. Foliage of any color is fine (and in fact appreciated), but all the flowers must be white. It's a calm and serene garden, full of subtle combinations of various textures, shapes, and shades of green, used primarily for dinners al fresco and evenings in the warm summer air. A soothing and relaxing place to sit and gaze, lending itself to quiet conversation and intimate exchanges.

      The south terrace, however, is meant to be a riot of color, as opposite of white as it is possible to be. It's a terrace where kids squirt each other with hoses and a large family gathers for noisy weekend breakfasts. I love working with these kinds of sweeping requests: general enough to leave me plenty of room to play, and yet specific enough so I get a feel for what my client wants.

      This week was tricky weather-wise, and one morning was an especially unusual combination of bright, overcast light that brought out the most vibrant, saturated best of the colorful terrace. I was almost shocked by how rich the colors looked and I asked myself, "Is it too much?"

      It wouldn't necessarily be my first choice for a garden, but how lucky am I to get to play with so many different kinds of landscapes?

      What do YOU think? Would you prefer a glass of chilled white wine against the subtle glow of white flowers and gray foliage? Or does this joyous, screaming-out-loud color combo make you want to down a margarita and ambush someone with a water pistol? There are no wrong answers.

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