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      Showing posts with label snow drops. Show all posts

      Sunday, December 18, 2011

      I'm confused. And I'm not the only one.

      Last week in Central Park:

      Some plants think it's August.

      Some think it's September.

      At least one thinks it's May.

      But the one I'm really worried about is this little beauty.

      What are they going to do come next March?

      Friday, February 13, 2009

      Any day now...

      I confess, as much as I seem to be endlessly patient and at one with the universe, I am chomping at the bit for spring.

      Honestly, I love winter. Having grown up in NH, I crave banks of snow, ice storms, dark afternoons, and a wood stove to keep me warm. But along about Ground Hog Day I'm done. Which would be fine if I lived in the kinder, gentler part of Zone 6. In NYC winter lingers. Sometimes till March, sometimes till April. Frosts in May are not unheard of.

      But like I said, I'm done. So I start looking. Prowling about for the smallest sign that underground something senses the days are getting longer and that on a sunny afternoon you can actually take off your jacket in Central Park.

      Here's what's out today:
      Galanthus nivalis (snowdrops)

      Hamamelis mollis (Chinese witchhazel)

      Eranthis hyemalis (winter aconite)

      Helleborus orientalis (lenten rose)

      What's poking its head up in your garden? Go ahead...make me jealous.

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