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      Showing posts with label garden music. Show all posts

      Monday, November 30, 2009

      shameless self-promotion

      It's the time of year when people look for gift suggestions, and Shirley Bovshow at www.GardenWorldReport.com has recorded a show featuring several garden writers (including yours truly), each with a garden related gift idea.

      For those of you who don't know my life's story, my first career was on Broadway. I still love to sing, and recorded a CD of (mostly) show tunes about flowers and plants. Shirley was kind enough to include my CD Green Up Time on her show and asked me to assemble a slide show to accompany the music. I collected 20 images that fit the green-up theme, then scrambled to record a video intro on Mike's cell phone! (Be kind, I need to work on my video skills.)

      I hope you like the music, and if you decide it would be the perfect gift for the gardener on your list, please feel free to order from my website.

      Watch live streaming video from gardenworldreport at livestream.com

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