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      Text and photographs are © by Ellen Spector Platt & Ellen Zachos, all rights reserved.

      Tuesday, April 14, 2015


      I went to Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Boylston MA yesterday to hear Other Ellen (EZ) speak about Back Yard Foraging, her latest book.  (see book cover on left) She is a fantastic speaker!

      And I went  craving spring color. My raised bed in Exeter NH is still covered with a snow pile . I NEEDED  spring. Tower Hill provided plenty.
      Of course Crocuses...
      and Winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis),
      and in the bark of the birch in morning light.  I'll remind all you doubters that although an image of this trunk will appear in my next collage, I gathered my actual bark locally and didn't spirit any away from this fabulous garden.
      Of the several Witch hazels in bloom, my favorite, Hamamelis x intermedia c.v.Orange Peel; the flowers are big, and dramatic.
      I've no idea what this bold structure is for, but I didn't ask. I'm creating my own designs in my head until I return and see what the Tower Hill designers actually do.

      Not much color yet on this flowering cherry tree, but plenty of bird song throughout the garden.
      Much easier to spy nests for novices like me before the leaves appear.

      When can I come again, tomorrow?

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